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Beginner / Intermediate

April 10, 11, 12 2015

Clinic - Madison McDonald

May 16, 17 & 18, 2015

​Summer Camp Southern Alberta

July 20-24th 2015

Summer Camp Northern Alberta

​August 4-7th 2015

Clinics / School

Clinics & Training

Trick riding requires hard work and dedication and requires the ultimate bond between horse and rider! Rae-Lynn believes you are Born Free and you Ride Free! Rae-Lynn and her team are often asked about trick riding School… Please ensure you understand it is an investment both in yourself or your child and your competitive future. Rae-Lynn Armstrong students not only learn trick riding techniques, presentation and career preparation, but they also gain valuable experience on correct usage and care of the equipment and horses. The kind of training we offer makes all the difference between a average trick rider, and a polished professional trick rider.

Dream, Believe and Achieve! Rae-Lynn Armstrong has built a reputation for being one of the best formal trick riding performers and teachers. It is proven via the success of her current students some of her clients include Young Gunz Trick Riding, Shelby Pierson Trick Riding and Piper Yule all Canadian Champions and many having their own professional acts!


  • Completed registration form

  • Basic familiarity with horseback riding

  • Western saddle or trick saddle

Students will benefit from their training if they can do at least: 

  • 50 sit ups

  • 30 pushups & pull ups

  • And are flexible


Training / Treatment